The Post-War Mydlands is an ongoing “Original” Dungeons & Dragons campaign set on the world of Chymyra. The apocalyptic wars of succession and survival have been fought. So ended what, in hindsight, people called: “the Long Dark”, when mankind’s worst enemy was his own shadowy, undead reflection and the very real threat of extinction!

Powerful, yet ultimately impotent, undead conquerors spent centuries enacting schemes of hollow power over a shattered world. Fighting and refighting for their puppeteers’ ancient grudges, the living, at long last, rose up and forcibly put all of it to rest. The last of the great, persistent undead kings, wizards and demigods were finally cast down and their machinations taken thoroughly apart.

The survivors of that era set about rebuilding the world. As promised and foretold, the Mureaux family – scattered, shattered and lost since the sundering of their reign and the world – returned to power of the colonial outposts on Ynk and Mysyac, and the newly restored kingdoms of the Kathgryus Mydlands.

It was a new world. An exhausted, wiser, post war world.

But, not everyone learns from past mistakes. The younger races of Elves and Hin unwittingly harbor some in their populations, willing to marry their fates to corrupt Men, eager to enjoin a destiny born from selfish dreams of power and avarice.

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*This campaign is a continuation of one begun in January of ’94. It is played primarily out of the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia (TSR ©1991), which is comprised of the Basic, Expert, Companion and Master Sets. We use the Weapon Mastery rules as well as Additional Character Skills. The campaign world of Chymyra is our own, but we draw material from the Gazetteer series, the Creature Crucible Series as well as old Dungeon Magazines, Shadis magazines, AD&D and 2nd ed AD&D, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Pathfinder… basically we draw from everything that catches our eye. The focus is on good story telling and fun for the players within the very adaptable structure of the OD&D game as presented in the Cyclopedia.


There are additional adventures happening in the Mydlands with a new group here: Eböngrey