Narvesyn School


Originally called simply “The College”, Narvesyn School was located in the heart of the older of Twin Cities, Mead. The College saw the best and brightest and richest members of that society, walk its columned halls. It seemed, whether or not one had any talent for feeling and using the lines of magic threaded throughout reality, whether or not one’s family was in good social standing, or poorer than dirt, admission was based solely on the whims of the wizards running the school. So it was that Kalphylon, now famed as one of the greatest magic users to have ever lived, was turned away repeatedly from The College, never seeing much past the admission offices of the Deans!

As the events of that era came to fruition, they saw Kalphylon helping the Matriarch Aurora Good and the Duke of Tansun, Nurs Hartun, lead the armies of Tansun, the Wanderers and K’Naii against one of their former adventuring companions, Reathonyus, and the large armies of Column and Mead. Sending her champion Blue Gnoll to deal personally with Reathonyus, Aurora gave in to a fit of righteous fury, utterly destroying not only the armies of the twisted Burly Kings, but wrecking total destruction on the Twin cities themselves.

When Kalphylon realized what Aurora was furiously driving her armies to do, he interceded directly on behalf of The College. He reasoned, and sometimes pleaded, with the angry cleric to preserve the knowledge and research gathered there for centuries. By citing her own immortal patron — Varyn the Preserver — Kalphylon broke through her righteous rage. Aurora agreed to leave The College intact, with a caveat. She told Kalphylon he had a day to collect any and all the arcane knowledge he thought worth keeping from Column and Mead and get it into the walls of the school. In her wisdom, she knew the instructors and faculty still in the school, most of whom had died on the battlefields between the twin cities and the Central Forests after all, would not just roll over for Kalphylon. She released two tribes of K’naii to help him sniff out magical item, and pacify The College. As ever, Kalphylon’s love, the Elf Daelynn, was at his side for the endeavor.

With the twin cities, their keeps and castles and armies smashed to the ground, with the worst of their populations purged and the good people that fled now located and cared for, Aurora gathered her generals and returned to the site of “The College”. With the help of several students and a few of the more powerful faculty, Kalphylon and Daelynn had tamed the school and recovered more magical items and books than could be studied in a single lifetime. (More than a few of these things wound up locked away in Kalphylon’s Tower) At Aurora’s urging, knowing what The College meant to Kalphylon, Duke Nurs gave it to the young mage. Aurora declared she would see a monastery built on the grounds, with clerics to help educate and monks to help tend the grounds while practicing their martial disciplines. Immediately the modern day Narvesyn School began to take shape. Much as she renamed the City of Mead with a word from the Wanderer Tongue, so too Aurora renamed The College: Narvesyn, translated “Sin no more”, referring to the all the wrong doing the College had spawned at one time.

Modern Times

The school grounds are comprised of three separate colleges on picturesque grounds, preseving not only the ancient architecture that predates the Twin Cities, but also extensive herb and plant gardens with incredibly rare species in their care. Only in Univerde itself do the gardens have their equal in all of the Kathgryus Mydlands. There are three Deans that run their respective Colleges and a Headmaster that over sees all of the school. The Symmon’s Fighter Academy is run by Master Cymantha Ferhety, the Monastary is overseen by Brother Abbot Lawsyn Chanel and the Narvesyn School of Magic has Dean Thyamyn Malt at it’s head. The incredibly old and increasingly withdrawn Headmaster Nyacyn Staple is the nominal head of the school, which, as more and more time passes, seems an honorary position for him and the time fast approaches for him to finally name a successor.

It is a boarding school, paid for by special arrangements with the administration. School is in session for 10 months out of the year and students are accepted based on their aptitude desire into one of the three colleges.

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Narvesyn School

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