The Post-War Mydlands

The All Nighter

Just when we thought we knew what was happening


The day wore on and the party made their way towards the docks and the auction house. More and more, the deeper they ventured into the streets and lanes of Corisa, they found themselves the objects of suspicion and unease. The group noticed that no one else around them dressed remotely like they did and any elves or hin they saw were dressed much more simply then the humans living there.

Locating the auction house well after dark, the group had grown cautious enough not to just blunder in. Approaching the walled complex they were struck by the eerie silence, broken only by the nearby rushing sound of ocean waves just on the other side of the building. Finding the door ajar, it was decided Rabbye would sneak in to determine what was happening.

Inside the inky dark of the auction house, Rabbye didn’t need to sneak around. The floor and stage opposite the door were covered in the blood and bodies of the dead. Gaelwynn and Elegyn joined Rabbye inside, their elvish infravision unable to find anything living within besides Rabbye. Strawberry volunteered to guard the main entrance while Allyn and Hawkyns moved in to join the group. As they stepped inside, Rabbye cried out. Someone under a mound of bodies had grabbed him hard enough to hurt him through his pant leg. Kicking himself free, Rabbye announced he had a live body, rolling corpses out of the way while the person thrashed about, choking and gasping. They looked frantically to see what they could do; worried they would attract attention though they did not light any lanterns or torches. Before Hawkyns could act to save the person, he died. When asked by the elves who did this to him, he groaned the word: “Gar…” on his last breath.


The silence of the auction was stunning to say the least! With blood plastered all over the walls, the normal joviality of this occasion was extinguished! And then the unexpected happened!

The All Nighter
BlueGnoll BlueGnoll

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