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The Wanderers began life in the Kathgryus Mydlands as raiders from Nygaard hundreds of years ago. Smelling weakness in the Mureaux Empire, the warriors came across the Gulf of Yuhas and the Kryglak Ocean to land and plunder at will. The war weary Empire outposts offered what resistence they could, but many villages and towns and fishing ports in the northern Mydlands knew the dread of the Nygaardians raids.

When the great spell of undead awakening occured, the Nygaard raiders were taken totally offguard, not intending to get caught up in the epic battle of the living vs. the undead at all. Some of their fellows cut and ran, never making it back home. Forced to regroup and try and hold their own against tides of undead, the remaining Nygaardian warriors found themselves allying with the very peoples they’d raided and terrorized. After a few decades of just trying to survive, the Nygaardians realized humanity was on the brink of extinction. As they moved south, further away from the dangerous coast and the fleets of undead on their ghostships, they raided villages for what they needed. They found things that disturbed them to their core.

The wisest among the remaining Nygaardians realized after these raids that Humans were in very real danger of becoming extinct, so their raids took on a different, almost religious overtone. Where they found inbreeding, they stamped it out fiercely. Where they found solid human stock, they incorporated it into their ranks, sometimes by force, most often with the gratitude of the new members of their clans. As time and war and constant running took its toll on them, their Nygaard identity and that of the surviving humans of the Mydlands began to merge until they became simply The Wanderers.

In time, a strong Cleric of Varyn the Presever rose from their ranks, striking out on her own to end the curse that had afflicted the land in that era: Aurora Good.


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