Elegyns Journal

April 6, 2011

I didn’t realize how involved my research would take me when I decided to begin my report on arcane powers in the astral plane! Understanding the life and laws that rule that plane were enough to involve me completely! It involved all my time and efforts, and these studies pulled me away from the group. Just after I had finished my report, Cymantha Fehrety informed me that my group had left without me on a secret mission. They have run into some serious trouble and it is my duty to join them and help them as they continue their mission. The explanation was short and the mission urgent so I left without much discussion or preparation. As I was begining to leave school grounds, Cymantha stopped me and handed me a curious key. She told me to hold onto it because it would help me in the future. I put a string through it and tied it around my neck to keep it safe, and continued on my journey.

I traveled as fast as I could, with just enough sleep and rest to keep Oaklyn and my steed strong enough to continue. I passed a dead horse that looked like it had been smashed through the side. I looked at the fallen beast with pity and respect. It had died young but bravely fulfilling its duty. As I road on I noticed a burned patch of grass and a restless wild tree. I wondered what could have upset the tree and caused such damage, but rode on without much inspection. After another half day travel, I was surprised to find the group resting near what appeared to be a slaughter! There was an abomination of werewolves poisoning the forest and destroying its peace! It was here I met Edryc Bleu, a strong and experienced adventurer who had led the cleansing. I learned that there was much more danger in these woods than we had been warned of originally. I have read of K’naii but never met any until this day. Their peace and stregnth are a good example of how life can be saved. I met several and hope to help them in their endeavors someday.

After our group reassembled, Edryc introduced us to the lovely Ambassedor Daelynn whom had been secretly with the group the whole time. He told us that we must get Morgan Omally (whom had been prisoner at the werewolf camp) to the estate. Then he cast a spell and one of the horses trasformed into a hipporgryph. (I need to find a copy of that spell!) He and the ambassador flew away then.

We decided as a group to leave immediately and travel as fast as possible. I went in front of the wagon that was driven by Gaelwyn on my horse, with Strawberry on horse beside the wagon. Strawberry shows some remarkable equestrian skills for a dwarf. I must admit however, that his stregnth and power have pulled this group out of many possible misadventures.

The change in the countryside went from marsh, to a much more inviting forest. The woods were kind and filled with wildlife, yet they were silent for some reason. As we continued on, the woods became a wild forest filled with anarchy. The trees seemed to be running from something. We road into the night in these forests and we were getting much closer to the estate, when J.D. Hawkins announced that there were some mysterious flyers high in the sky. I backed my steed up to join the group. Allyn remembered from lessons at school that creatures of the night don’t enjoy light and she cast a light spell on the wings of one of those creatures. Immediately that creature dove and tried to bite off it’s own wing which was creating light. The other flyers became agitated and began to surrounded us and attack. Unforunately during the ensuing melee I lost my horse as I attempted to strike one of the flyers. He will be remember for his efforts and bravery that day.

With the first attack and the lose of my horse, Rabbye grabbed the first lantern and in spite of a jolting wagon, had it lit without much problem. J.D. Hawkins began attacking the flyers when they came in reach, and Strawberry gave out his wild battle cry, and began swatting those dirty flys. Gaelwynn bid the horses to continue their running in spite of the attack, but was picked up by some flyers. The shadows and clammy skin of the flyers protected them and they were difficult targets to hit. Strawberry was the first to claim a victorious death point as he hacked one clean in half with her battle axe. J.D. was able to damage one, but was picked up himself from two flyers and carried into the air. Allyn screamed in frustration at the flyers, and sent a ball of fire up at the two flyers above J.D. severly damaging both carriers. J.D. fell and received some burns as well, but was safe on the ground again. I sent a magic missle into one of the carriers and it was the second kill. Allyn noticed Gaelwynn was quite high at this point, and decided to terminate one of the flyers carrying her with a magic missle. A flyer flew down and grabbed my arm leg in it’s mouth and almost tore it clear off, almost putting me out of commission from all the bleeding! Angered, I pulled out my bow and sent arrows into the flyers one by one. “You creatures of hell will not survive the night!” I screamed.

At this point, only one of the flyers was carrying Gaelwynn and she tried to bite his foot. She moved just in time for the beast to miss her and bite himself, doing quite some damage! After that, she slowly came closer to Earth as the flyer lost power. Some of the other flyers decided they had enough and began to flee after watching Strawberry dispense of the her third kill with the dripping axe. Finally, Gaelwynn was dropped and the flyers left.

The group had been injured, some more than others. After finding everyone alive, I jumped in the wagon with the others, and we went to the estate at full speed! I don’t remember much of the rest of this journey, due to loss of blood.

We arrived at the estate without further incident. At the gate we spoke to the guards to let them know that we had arrived and needed to see the owner immediately! They hesitated some but sent word so that we could visit him. We knew that we could talk to him because earlier Edryc and Ambassedor Daelynn showed confidence that he would help, but we couldn’t trust the guards as snooping ears always seem to linger about. There were numerous servants running around his estate. Interestingly enough, they were all female. There were pastures full of hippogryph’s of differnt sizes and shapes. The grace and form they held as they walked, and the muscles in their bodies were stunning. There is a certain magic about them that is hard to describe, but easy to sense, and has a rich beauty about it. It is a little annoying that this human would dare cage such wildlife, excusable only in that he cares for their every need; including shelter, food and love.

As I sat their watching the hippogryphs, Syruss Shortroots came with some servants to meet us. We introduced ourselves and said that we must speak to him in private. He showed no fear as he beckoned us to a quiet spot. We told him of the events of the previous days in order to let him know what was going on. We dicussed our concern that Morgan Omally had been held by the werewolfs and she may be turned. He was very polite and opened his home to our every need. He promised to ensure that Morgan would not become a lycanthrope. He was quite concerned that the flyers would dare come so close to his territory. He said he had cleared the forest of all those flyers years before, and couldn’t believe they were back. “They would have flown you to feed their young if you had let them” he said. Such horrible creatures preying on life to create death!

We rested and relaxed to prepare for the following day. At dinner, I dressed in the nicest clothes I could find and joined Cyruss and the group for dinner. We were introduced to many different merchants whom he was conducting business with. As I viewed others at the table, I recognized Chowder Roughsole as the dwarf from the ruins sitting accross from me! He was in open and friendly business conversation with Cyruss! Could Cyruss be a part of this conspiracy? If he was, why would he be so open about it in front of us? He must not know that the dwarf is a problem! We will need to discuss this with him, the next time we can have a private word with him. As I was being served, JD and Rabbye began motioning not to drink the wine in front of me. Something did not seem right, so I listened. Gaelwynn indicated that she would try to get some information out of Chowder by using herself and her gorgeous looks as bait. I decided to try to interrogate Selphyna when the chance arose. We were presented with a package from the school that had been locked. I was not sure whom I could trust, so I said we would deliver this package as promised. Cyruss looked puzzled, but agreed, and had the package put in my room.

As the meal finished and everyone began to go their ways, Selphyna indicated that she was going to retire to bed. I jumped at the chance, but in my eagerness, not much more than gibberish came out of my mouth. She left, and I could not follow, for fear that Cyruss may feel I was stalking his wife. Gaelwynn sat down next to Chowder and asked to see the grounds with him, and the Strawberry as an escort. Chowder agreed but wanted to see the dwarf removed.

I went up to my room with Allyn to look and see what was in the package. Oddly, all of the guards we passed on the way were sleeping. We weren’t able to wake them. When we got to the room and opened the package, we found that Cymantha had sent us several magaical devices, including three swords. I chose to bear the one with the flame on it. Allyn chose a wand. I had a feeling that something evil was happening, so I chose to remove my normal clothes and suit up in my battle armor. As I was suiting up, Allyn and I were suprised when Cyruss burst open the door with his sword drawn and screamed “What have you done with my wife?” I was no match for a fight with Cyruss, so I threw my sword down to his feet in submission and said I had no idea what happened, but I would love to help him figure it out. Stunned, Cyruss looked at me and said agreed to join my company, and Allyn and I went with him to search for Selphyna.

We didn’t get far before we heard a scream outside, and found Gaelwynn running from a host of dark elves with swords! She was still in her gown with no means of defending herself! Apparently, she got in above her head and would need our help. Strawberry, also unarmed, attacked. I stayed at the window and began shooting arrows at her enemys. Cyruss ran down the stairs, and burst through a sheet of ice that had seconds before formed from his wife’s magic. Allyn got a direct hit with her fireball wand, causing some major damage to our adversary. Chowder Roughsole was there seemingly behind the evil elves. He was injured, and took off running into the garden. I came downstairs with Allyn at this point and followed Gaelwynn’s chase into the garden. Our keen tracking senses told us where he went and we followed him into a mysterious cave. His tracks led into a wall, or what appeared to be a dead end. We were unable to follow any further so we returned to Cyruss. He had already defeated his wife when we returned, as she lay unconcious on the ground. He was mad!

JD told us that he had been searching the hallways of Chowder, and discovered a shrieker mushroom. As we opened the door where Chowder was to stay, we found it was a portal that opened in a stinking bog filled with evil! A tongue shot out through the doorway but we were fortunate to defeat it, and then close the portal. It appears we have some serious work to do here. And it’s obvious that deceiving apperances are becoming more and more common. Cyruss was deceived even by his wife of many centuries! We need to be careful of home we talk to now.


We headed over to the auction a little timidly and uncertain what to expect. I was hoping for some good deals on some artifacts and magic that others may not know the true worth of. When we got to the warehouse, it was full of people, but they were all dead! The foulness of the scene was matched by the putrid smell and display of blood splashed everywhere. Was there an ambush around the corner we knew nothing about? How could this happen in a city? We searched the place and found a few pieces of magic, and Rabbye found someone who hadn’t died yet. As he got closer, he was scratched by something. It didn’t appear to be anything serious. The survivor said something about someone named “Gar—-” then died. What a shame too, we could use information like that!
As we searched the dead bodies, we found that there was a boat that came to the dock behind the warehouse, and a few men got out. Immediately we took cover to observe their intentions. The men came in and killed anyone who seemed to survive. They were a part of this. We should take them prisoner! Town guards came in the front to the rescue, and they put up a fair fight, for two. The intruders were just heading over to attack the city guards in front, when we attacked them. The darn squeky floors gave away our coming so the suprise was ruined, and they weren’t phased by my normally booming voice. They were subdued and my fire sword brought them out of the trance as I slapped them broadside. Now they had some serious questions to answer. With their backs against the wall and barely holding on to their weapons while shaking in their boots, they started to talk. Apparently a minotaur had hypnotized them to do his bidding. The town guards were astounded at the power this escape convict had. Escape? What kind of a prison system do they have here anyway? If they can’t contain the prisoners properly, then send them to someone who can! They heard that if he killed 100 of their people, he would gain great powers. The idiot guards disrespected me and Gaelwyn by calling us slaves. Apparently these guards were unaware the elves were freemen now. Well that puts them lower on the trade pole, and they are fortunate to have forgiving heroes. Gaelwyn was not as forgiving. We accepted the mission immediately to stop the minotaur.
A red haired lady secretly helped us to locate him, but going to a nearby farm. We rescued the farmer from some beasts and learned that his daughters were taken by the minotaur just previously. We followed his search dog and found a tunnel, guarded by a bunch of wasps. Allynn cooked the wasps and we continued. We almost had a battle in the tunnels, but Gaelwyn cleverly surprised them and asked them where the bathroom was. Behind a bunch of weeds, poorly hidden. Idiots. It fooled them and we were directed without incident. We entered a room with the farmers wife and some sheep at the bottom of a cistern. There was a giant cistern next to it filled with wine. Strawberry and J. Hawkyns could barely contain themselves, but we were in a hurry. The idiots probably figured we had finished with the bathroom by now. We also found the farmers other daughter on an alter worshipping a vile god. Behind her appeared the minotaur. He was subdued and beheaded surprising fast! The farmers daughter had also been entranced and fought on his behalf, but she was quickly subdued. As we destroyed his evil alter, we found Menkins sword underneath. It glittered and glowed and we all wanted to the precious, but we resisted. Morgan O’Malley appeared suddenly and explined the improtance of not touching the sword, and the grave danger we were now in. It’s time to evacuate and go home, now!
Now that we have this sword, the purpose of this adventure, what can possibly await us? It’s power is so tempting, can such a thing ever be used for good? The sword I have now has freed several villains from deceptive masters with a mere fire blade, what can Maken’s sword do? It must be protected and hidden so that only the wise can determine a suitable purpose for it.
We should also reflect at this time whom are our real friends here. Whom can we trust for protection should it come, or lodging as our mortal bodies require? And why does Rabbye act a little strangely now? He stays up later, has a larger appetite, and seems more proactive/ dangerous than before. Did he stumble upon some magic that I’m unaware of?

Before the sun rose, Morgan O’Malley woke us to say it is time to go now! We hastily got ready and left. Gaelwyn was unable to bring her pony, which turned out to be a good thing.
We left the town and entered the rolling hills to travel towards the oracle. It was nice to be free of the city and people and to be out and about again. We were in a hurry so we decided to travel one mile walking, then one mile jogging, alternating all day. As we traveled a mysterious change occured in the weather. There was no cover for us to take anywhere and we realized that we were sitting ducks. We spotted a tall hill with a building on top faraway. Morgan O’Malley said that we needed to go there to get the oracles help to get home.
The weather got worse with rain and wind as we started to travel on a narrow path up the hill. Gaelwyn‘s horse would never have made this one. Rabbye took the lead withMorgan O’Malley and myself close behind. Oaklyn followed me, then Strawberry,Gaelwyn, Allynn with J. Hawkyns guarding our backsides. As we went up the hill, we had troubles immediately. Only about 10 feet up Rabbye and Allynn slipped. That extra time Allynn put in last night to memorize her spells must have affected her balance! Rabbye was far in front of the rest of us and invisible. Perhaps he lost his footing on that slope. Strawberry showed amazing stability, for a dwarf. We decided that it would be a good idea to tie up together with rope, and it was a good idea. As we continued up, we saw a rider on a giant bat. She cast a spell, and the side of the mountain became alive with skeletons emerging from its face! While my bow wasn’t as lucky this time, strawberry | Strawberry]],Gaelwyn, Allynn and Rabbye all made short work of the piles of bones in front of them. J. Hawkyns began his turning incantation and we saw fireworks all around the mountainside as skeletons exploded to dust all around us! J. Hawkyns deserves much respect for this, and we will need to leave a generous offering on his behalf at the next temple. It seems a short time ago that skeletons like these would have been a real match for us….
As we continued up the hillside, we hit another slick surface and this time Rabbye, Morgan O’Malley, Gaelwyn and I all slipped on the rocks! Shale can be so dangerous, especially in the rain. Fortunately the others had steady footing again and we were okay. This time it was more like 20 feet up in the air, a bit more of a fall.
We were more cautious after this and so we slowly went up the hillside. A mysterious rope appeared out of nowhere, that lead up into the building high above us. Gaelwyn wisely chose to check the rope for magic, and found it was safe. Rabbye ascended the rope rather quickly, and waved down that it was safe. So, I went right up after him. There were two young maidens in the portal from which the rope extended, who invited us in on behalf of the oracle. Once the group was together up top again, an ugly man came and asked us for the sword. Morgan O’Malley refused and got into an argument with him, but Gaelwyn offered her sword as a ticket for us to enter. He brought us to the same lady that had attacked us from earlier. When she took the sword, she was furious and cut off her servants head, then attacked us by throwing a magical spear at Morgan O’Malley! We attacked immediately. For the first minute we cast several spells that blinded her with light and weakened her from some good solid hits. She cast a spell to reverse it, then I cast another to blind her, and we got a few more good hits. When she reversed that one, a mysterious thing happened. A giant green statue came through the ceiling and landed in our midst. A smiling but odd face looked at us and said he was there to help. Strawberry tripped the woman and we attacked like fierce lions. The statue was able to pin her to the floor, and we tried to knock her unconcious. She was able to throw Gaelwyn‘s sword at the man in the ceiling, and do some damage, but I smacked her, then Gaelwyn dropped an elbow on her, and Strawberry locked up her foot. Eventually she was incapacitated, and we tied her up like the beast she was.
The man introduced himself as a wizard that was trying to help the missing oracle. He demanded that we leave the woman alive so that he could take her back to his home and she could be tried for her many evil deeds. Then we went down into the tower and he told us how we had time traveled to his time and should return quickly. How did that happen? Can I find my ancestors? We didn’t tell him of the sword. We aren’t sure we can trust him yet.
Well, we relaxed a little and went back up stairs to eat. Gaelwyn and J. Hawkyns stayed downstairs to chat a little. I had a feeling there was some treasure left behind, so I had to look upstairs. I couldn’t find much. But as I pulled a curtain, out jumped three Dark elves and they attacked! We fought back but neither one was able to score a direct hit! Then I sliced one in two. We had a few more hits, then they high tailed out of there. We heard noise downstairs and went to investigave. Apparently Gaelwyn and J. Hawkyns had met up with a few dark elves themselves! Curiously, one attacked the other and then commited suicide. Then the wizard came running up shouting that our prisner has escaped. These battles were decoys for her rescue party!
This continues to get more and more dangerous. Lets get home and be done with it! but how?


The group was supplied with a wagon and a pair of horses, and followed the directions they were given to find Raven’s lair. While they were traveling along the road, they came to a spot in the forest where the horses started becoming nervous and J. Hawkyns danger sense told the group something was about to happen. Gaelwyn had been helping to drive the horses with Rabbye but decided to jump to the roof of the wagon to get a better view of their surroundings. Elygyn chose to climb up a nearby tree for a better vantage point, and sent Oaklyn under the wagon. Allynn and J. Hawkyns stayed in the wagon and prepared their weapons for the upcoming assault they knew was coming. J. Hawkyns cast bless, which benefited our party greatly! Soon after, arrows flew threw the air. One of them struck Gaelwyn, but the others harmlessly struck either the wagon or flew away from their targets. Gaelwyn and Elygyn both saw a goblin shooting arrows at them and Elygyn quickly neutralized him with an arrow that blew up his head. The other targets could not be seen yet however, but Oaklyn quickly found another one. Two goblins tried to attack the horses leading the wagons, One was quickly killed by a hammer from J. Hawkyns and a slash from Rabbye. The other goblin injured the horse slightly, and Gaelwyn quickly sprang to the horses back to rescue it and calm it. Allynn and Elygynneutralized another goblin. The next round, even though four of the goblins were now dead, the other two decided to continue their attack. One came close to Elygyn but was slain by his arrow before he could make an attack. The final remaining goblin was tackeled by Rabbye and held hostage for questioning.
The remaining goblin indicated that his group knew our party was on a mission to rescue something, and that his leader’s name was Nalec. Our party couldn’t get much more useful information out of him, but decided to keep him tied up with them in case he could be of any use later.
When our party arrived at the destination, they couldn’t find the lair immediately. It appeared like there was some construction that had been preformed locally recently. Rabbye and Elygyn decided to explore up the side of the hill a little ways, and found a stairwell that went right into the side of the hill. The party decided to investigate and took their hostage with them. J. Hawkyns wisely remembered that Raven was a thief and there would likely be traps in his lair, so he commanded find traps to help our adventurers. In the first room, they found a sign that said “Do not enter” and after studying the door and finding no traps, but sensing some danger on the other side, wisely chose to stick to their mission.
As the party went down another flight of stairs, the found a small alcove near the stairs, with several bags. Elygyn stood onRabbye‘s shoulders to investigate, and suddenly , four goblins appeared out of the bags and started shooting arrows! Elygyn took a direct hit in the face. The hostage tried to escape but was slain. Elygyn and Rabbye attacked immediately, and Rabbye slew one of the goblins. Gaelwyn started throwing stars and killed another. They did a little damage to our party before they were subdued.
Our party continued further and found a door. They heard some sounds and they were a little sure their were monsters on the other side that may cause them some grief in the future, so they decided to spike the door. The occupants inside the room were not pleased!
As they continued, the decided to investigate a room with a door partly ajar. One door glowed to J. Hawkyns indicating that it was probably trapped. Elygyn poked his head in far enough to learn something was in there. The party decided to set up an ambush of their own around the doorway. Elygyn stuck his head in again to taunt the occupants, and was met with 2 wolves! The first was killed almost immediately when it went in the doorway. The second injured Gaelwyn but was likewise quickly subdued. There were two others in the room which escaped the conflict through a nearby doorway to another room. This room had two entrances, Elygyn, Allynn, and J. Hawkyns tried to storm in through one door and Gaelwyn and Rabbye from the other. The two goblins were hiding inside an old kitchen that had been taken over by lots and lots of rats. Our party was able to come in and destroy the two without much trouble.
After leaving the kitchen, they chose to investigate another room with a glowing door. They wanted to be cautious, so they opened the door and threw one of the dead wolves inside. They noticed that the floor was bowing in a little. Elygyn strapped a rope around his waist and walked into the room. As he walked in, he realized the floor was sinking. He was pulled out of the room, and another wolf was thrown in. The second wolf’s weight caused the floor to collapse and the wolves fell into a pit, where they were eaten. Our party wisely chose to close the door to that room and not return.
Our party chose to investigate a hallway, and found a small prison. Inside one cell was a pair of skeletons. Elygyn couldn’t help himself and his hatred for the undead, and went in to investigate. As the skeletons attacked, J. Hawkyns helped by turning the undead, and Rabbye helped by slaying one of the skeletons. Elygyn destroyed the other one. Rabbye found a woman in a blue dress laying in one of the cells. When J. Hawkyns went to investigate he was attacked by a blade in the floor, and discovered the woman was nothing but a straw filled dress. Gaelwyn found a kobold locked up in the third cell. Rabbye knew how to speak kobold and paid the poor creature a gold piece to show where Nalkin was in this lair. He took our party up a few hallways, told us where the hideout was, and left. A short time later, our party heard the unfortunate creatures death as he tried to leave the lair. Our party went back to investigate and found a hobgoblin in an invisibility cloak. Apparently, he had been following the party all the way from the beginning and they never knew he was there because he had an invisibility cloak and elven boots. This time he had a small patrol of goblins behind him. Allynn cast a web spell and soon all the monsters were tangled up in webs. Gaelwyndemanded some answers from these monsters and were told a lot of what they already knew. Disgusted at their evil, she left them and walked away. Angry at them killing the kobold, Rabbye and Elygyn attacked and killed them with fire.

Elegyns Journal

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