Elegyn's Homeland

Clan Name: Lysnalathon


This is a clan of 8,000 elves. Members are kept track of as best as possible. 200 are off on adventures at any given time. It is a clan known to be uncommonly high in knowledge and adventure when compared to other elf tribes. Their desire is to protect their lands and families, and to grow powerful.

High level wizards occasionally visit the libraries of this clan, in exchange for magical items, or deeds. Younger wizards are permitted into parts of the library , but the “vaults” of the library are carefully guarded magically and physically from any without the kings permission.

Commerce is generally lacking in this town partly due to the lack of invitaion or interest. The chapel of trees is legendary in beauty, but few have seen it.

Housing is really spread out with most of the wealtier elves living in the trees themselves. They are abvle to sing magic that encourages the trees to allow their houses to be built there. Younger and less experienced elves live in small houses scattered on the forest floor. The living quarters are always quite small as these elves spend most of their time outdoors. Most legal affairs are taken care of outdoors. There are some buildings for security and special needs.

The kingom is quite larger to allow for much nature life. Animals inside the kingdom are treated respectfully and nurtured. Foreign beasts that may cause danger to current inhabitants are capture and tried in the kings court. Several animal tribes, such as deer and ravens, are monitered.

Life in Lysnalathon is fast paced, but decisions are are not. To humans, talk seems abnormally fast and everyone seems to be running all the time. Meal time seems prolonged from talking. Indeed while a meal lasts for an hour or more, eating can be only for about 10 minutes of the time. Hierarchy is readily apparent while family is loyal to even the most despised member.

There is a long history of hatred for the undead in this town. They are hunted and burned immediately when discovered. There is a unofficial rank in the Northern Rabbits bar as to who has killed the most dangerous undead, and who has killed the most undead. Lycantropes are dispised but tolerated. Flying animals (ie. pegasus and eagles) are highly esteemed here.

Symbol: Prograntoran, a great Birch tree in his homeland

Prograntoran is an ancinet tree estimated to be 70,000 years old. It has seven helt steard maidons that care for it’s needs and sing to it. It has four offspring; three of which are clumped close to it, and one that is in the far end of it’s courtyard. The courtyard it guarded by a barrier of thorns and trees that surround Prograntoran, as well as the royal guards that are always nearby, seeking to protect it. Birds, insects and animals roam freely within the couryard of peace.
Legends tell tha tthe city began when a young elf was on a quest in which his entire battalien was destroyed. He ran and excaped only to by hiding in Prograntoran’s branches. Progranteron hid him from the world and taught him. He grew powerful and started a wizard guild that brough followers that grew to a town, to a kingdom.

Elegyn's Homeland

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