“Alvlyn” is what the Elves on Chymyra call themselves. “Elves” is the Human approximation of their race’s name, but the Alvlyn are very tolerant of the error.

Unlike most every other fantasy take on elves, from ancient fairy tales to Tolkien to D&D to WoW, etc. The Elves of Chymyra are a much younger race than Humans. In keeping with Original D&D, they are slight and generally shorter than humans — a male elf of 5’8" tall would be exceptional, almost unique for their race. Having finer bones, more delicate fingers and fine motor skills, they do not seem very hardy, yet live incredibly long lives: 1000-1500 years if allowed to live peacefully. Their eyes are large in an anime sort of fashion and their ears are more usable and hence expressive in communicating. Among Alvlyn and attentive humans, their ear positioning gives away much — unless they are very controlled.

Magical in nature, they tend to cling to the well ordered and magically enchanted world of their forested kingdom of Univerde. Upon reaching a hundred years of age, just before mating age, young Alvlyn are given the choice to begin very controlled exploration beyond Univerde’s borders. Centuries past, this was never an option. The exploration then was of the entire realm, but never to the world outside. The end of the Long Dark saw that practice expanded.

Since the return of the old human kingdoms and the ending of the Long Dark, many more Elves have ventured out into Human and Hin lands, though they do not reciprocate very well in that very few living beings not of their forests have been allowed into their realms. Their ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Tansun is Daelynn, one of the original adventurers of their race that banded together with a group that would become known as the Heroes of Tansun.

In every other way, the Alvlyn/Elves exist and level exactly as they do in the original D&D game.


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