Learned wizard from ancient times.


Xanthipon is taken primarily from the Dungeons & Dragons Challenger Series: Hollow World game Supplement: The Milenian Scepter by Anthony Herring, TSR Inc. 1992, page 64. Modifications to fit this storyline are by me and are not emphasized.

Combat notes: 18th level magic user/ S 9, I 18, W 15, D 15, Co 10, CH 12
AC: 6 (ring of protection 2 and Dex bonus)
hp: 33
#AT: 1
Dmg: 1d4
3 (dagger +3) or by Spell
MV: 120’ (40’)
Save As: M18
ML 9
THAC0: 13

General Skills: Alchemy (I +2), Alternate Magics (I +2), Art (Sculpture, W) Engineering (I), Magical Engineering (I +2), Engineering (I)

Spells carried: 1st level: Analyze, Darkness, Detect Magic, Hold Portal, light, read magic,
2nd Level: Detect evil, knock, levitate, locate object, wizard lock
3rd level: create air, dispel magic, fly, haste, prtcn nrml missiles
4th level: Polymorph self, remove curse, wall of fire
5th level: dissolve, harden, passwall, woodform
6th level: anti magic shell, move earth, stoneform
7th level: iron form, statue
8th level: polymorph any object



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