Said to be the daughter of a god, she is an avenger aggressively looking to upset the empire and further the aims of her cult

  • Vix & her stats are taken primarily from: Dungeons & Dragons Hollow World The Milenian Scepter by Anthony Herring; 1992 TSR Inc. pages 22 & 63. Modifications are by me and are not emphasized

Combat notes: 9th level figher-avenger/ S 16, I 13, W 10, D 18, Co 13, CH 17
AC: 0 (cuir-boulli+1, shield+1, and Dex bonus)
hp: 73
#AT: 1
Dmg: 1d6+4 (Spear of Vix, Strength+2 attack,+1 damage) or by Spell
MV: 120’ (40’)
Save As: f9
ML 12
THAC0: 15

General Skills: Alertness (D) Intimidaton (S)
Bravery (W) Leadership (Ch)
Ceremony(Zargos) (W) Deception (Ch)
Endurance (Co)

Spells carried: Dispel magic, cause light wounds



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