Stormy Johnny

A small time thief with lucky, big time connections and an addiction to all things magical


“Stormy” Johnny is a self styled “bandit king”, operating a few miles northwest of Nevamyr near the Doomed Marshes. He assumed the title after the halfing who called himself “The Bandit King” was killed in an ambush of his own making. In recent months — after the demise of “the bandit king”, “Stormy” has been gathering rogues and scoundrels to his band by exercising his magical might. Most of his powers derive from potions and trinkets and wands and whatever else he can skim from the smuggling operation he has going with a few students in the Narvesyn School of magic. His prize posession however was his hurricane lamp, which he used to execute numerous roadside ambushes and robberies. He is dimly aware that the bulk of what he transports winds up in some very nefarious hands, but Johnny is all about immediate gratification and personal power. The items he is allowed to keep and use give him that to a measure that keeps him restless for more.

Currently, “Stormy” Johnny’s lean form is bright orange after a magical ointment he used on himself altered his skin color, perhaps for good.

Stormy Johnny

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