Shawn Tremontayne

Keeps the books, chief negotiator and second in command of the frontier trading post Caramel's Oath


Human magic user 9/merchant 4
39 yrs old
5’8"; black curly hair; slight facial deformity;

Str 11
Int 17
Wis 12
Dex 13
Con 11
Chr 16

Skills: Boating; Navigation; Clerical Magics; Alternate Magics; Magical engineering; Bargaining

Spells: Level 1: Analyze, Charm Person, Detect magic, Magic missile, protection from evil, sleep, shield;* Level2:* Continual Light; Detect invisible, Web, wizard lock, levitate;* Level 3*: Fireball, lightning; Fly, Haste, Hold person, Protection from Evil 10’ radius; Water breathing; Level 4: Wizard Eye, Wall of Ice, Wall of fire, poly morph self; level 5 Teleport, passwall, contact outer plane, Hold Monster


Shawn was born in a well-to-do suburb of Tansea. Her Father was a shipping magnate, handling the over lake and overland commerce for much of the area’s industries. With her Father’s extensive political ties Shawn grew up around the Empire’s royalty from the smallest barons to the Imperial court, and among many of the region’s top business men including the Hin and all of their intrigues. With her acute mind and natural beauty, she had a very bright, lucrative future before her.

In the course of her travels, she became enamored of magic, discovering a natural ability inside of her. She began adventuring, using her merchant and political contacts to acquire more rare and arcane artifacts to satisfy her growing need for power. In time, her ambition grew to encompass the quest many a would be master wizard find themselves pursuing, finding and unlocking the secrets of Kalphylon’s Tower.

Shawn’s quest took her North to Nygaard where she delved dangerously into practicing the runic magic of the clerics in that land. Returning to Kathgryus, she wound up in a life or death confrontation with a band of magic users looking to overthrow the ruling hierarchy of the Kingdom of Harrow. Desperate to survive, she broke her oaths and used the clerical rune magics she’d learned of, defeating her enemies but causing herself severe trauma. She would have died had she not been rescued by Edryc Bleu and Cymantha Ferhety who were associates of hers in her adventuring days. She still carries a secret “torch” for Edryc, confident that someday they can be as they once were.

Her sagging face and the simple, runed diadem she is unable to remove are the outward testaments of her former ambitions. She suffers now continuously from the AS the Immortals rune, able to see the true appearance of magically disguised creatures and the comings and goings of planar, immortal, undead, demons etc. She has learned to ignore or at least tolerate this, lest she go mad, or they become aware she can see them. (She is unaware that the diadem creates a circle of protection around her preventing these things from harming her).

Humbled, she recovered and returned home to her father’s business, settling back into a unremarkable life of bookkeeping and negotiating until the Hin Merchant Caramel Bunyan summoned her to a frontier post where he needed her expertise. It was the injection of life she needed and she left immediately to help staff and run the new outpost.

Shawn Tremontayne

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