A student in the Symmon's Fighter Academy, he is putting lessons and dexterity to use as a thief


Alignments: Neutral/Good

Levels: 5/NM

Abilities and Adjustments:

Class (Thief):
Strength; 16
Intelligence; 14
Wisdom; 15
Dexterity; 16
Constitution; 17
Charisma; 15

Were-type (Red Wolf):
Strength: 18
Intelligence; 14
Wisdom; 13
Dexterity; 16
Constitution; 18
Charisma; 14

Prime Requisites:
(Class) 16
XP Adjustment: +10%
(Were-type) 18
XP Adjustment +10%

Saving throws:
11 vs. poison
12 vs. wands
11 vs. paralysis
14 vs. breath
13 vs. spell

Combat notes:
AC (Thief): 4
HP: 30

AC (Red-Wolf): 5

Movement rate:
Class: Normal=120, encounter=40, running=120
Were-type: normal=180, encounter=60, running=180

Physical description:
Full name; Rabbye Featherston
Race: Human
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
weight: 130 LBs
Age: 17
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Green
Were-form description: Ginger fur with glowing Green eyes.


Rabbye as a child was a street rat in the city of Nevermyr, and really did not know who his real relatives were. Every day he would survive by stealing from local shops for food, clothing, and sometimes he would steal jewels from the Featherstons. On the streets, Rabbye learned how to fight as well, usually wrestling with other bums and street rats who tried to get what he recently stole. Eventually Rabbye made a shank, at age 9, which kept the other bums away for about three months, then he lost it when trying to run away from the city guards. when Rabbye was age 11, he went to steal from the Featherstons again, but this time was different, when he went into the back of the store, someone snatched him from behind and dragged him to a room. The man happened to be the owner of the jewelry store; George Featherston, who hollered to Rabbye about the stolen property. Rabbye returned every gem he still had at his little crate home. George Fetherston realized that Rabbye was a bum, and had no family and a had to fight to survive, so Geoge took pity on Rabbye and adopted him. Years later, after settling down with the Featherstons, who were a family of 4 until he showed up, there was the mother; Joyce Featherston, and the 2 children who were twins younger than Rabbye, were Tom and Caleb, he was sent to Narvesyn School where he would live for a time. Narvesyn is where Rabbye met Strawberry and Allyn. Rabbye was a loud mouth in early adventures, like his first one, he wouldn’t stop taunting the black knight and a beZerk knight(which almost got him killed) in which the group managed to survive. And later on Rabbye met Hawkyns, Elygyn and Gaelwyn. He is neutral good and always tries to save a party member that is in danger. Rabbye has resently been bitten by a werewolf and is quite worried about it. Rabbye has not told the rest of the group, but let Samantha know about his Lycanthropy. Over time he has gotten stronger and more in control of the beast, however this does not stop his constant fear of if other being know about this. Especially Hawkyns, a member of the Cult of Aurora. Rabbye has no intention on getting rid of the lycanthropy either, only to control the infection for his own, as well as the benefit of the group.


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