A Tribal bipedal Canine Race loyal to the Mureaux family from ancient times


The K’naii (pronounced: KAY-Nigh) are in every way the Lupins on page 72 of the Dungeons & Dragons Challenger Series: Creature Catalog TSR ©1993, with a few modifications (besides their name). The stats used for the race in general are listed here:

Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 2(M)
Move: 120’(40’)
Attacks: 1 weapon/1 bite
Damage: 1d8 (or by weapon)/ 1d4
No. Appearing: 2d6 (5d8)
Save As: Fighter 2
Morale: 8
Treasure Type: C
Alignment: Lawful
XP Value: 20
Monster Type: Humanoid (Rare)


K’naii are bipedal, dog-like creatures with canine heads. Despite their resemblence to werewolves, they are lawful(good) and will not normally attack unless threatened or alarmed. They are often found in alliance with humans. They hate werewolves and kobolds and will attack them on sight. (They recognize werewolves even in human form) When fighting werewolves, K’naii employ silver weapons — lances with silver heads, silver swords and silver tipped arrows being favored.

Hundreds of years ago, when the threat of the undead and madness engulfing the entire world began to infiltrate the Central forests of the Mydlands, the last tribe of nomadic K’naii roaming the woods was finally forced to break it’s ancient oath of loyalty to the Mureaux family. In the end, they joined with Tansun and rallied other tribes against the unliving hosts and helped bring the Long Dark to an end. Once again, the remaining tribes are not only given free reign to roam the Mydlands, but are also usually willing to aid travelers and adventures in the kingdom as best they can.


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