Great-great-granddaughter of Daelynn, Gaelwyn has set her sights on following in the footsteps of her legendary ancestor


Gaelwyn Oakenshield Tyretyn.
Stands a hair below 5’3", weighs 98 pounds.
Very strong for a female elf, her build is lithe and athletic, not simply slight as most elves her age and gender.


Gaelwyn grew up under the distant tutelage of Great-great-grandmother,Daelynn (Oakenshield) Fenwick. Great-great-grandmother insisted on lessons in literacy, ambassadorial etiquette and royal court duties.

After many years of schooling and “basic training” by the Captain of the guard of Univerde, Gaelwynn decided to broaden her scope of knowledge per Great-great-Grandmother’s urging. She set out for human lands, ending up in he Grand Duchy of Tansun and enrolling in Narvesyn School at the Symmons Fighter Academy in Nevamyr. (Daelynn had provided immediate and behind the scenes influence in this decision, from bedtime stories of glories and friends long past, to missives and envoys to the college.)

Gaelwynn studied local lore and map making. Her languages of choice were Gnoll, Hobgoblin and Orc, besides the human dialects most prevalent in the Mureaux Empire. Her focus for weapon mastery is her long bow and she is very involved in learning the craft of constructing arrows and has the ambition to be a master fletcher. She has an affinity for equines and excels at riding lessons.


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