A fairly wealthy Elf eager for magical prowess and always on the look out for magical items

Ability Scores

Stregnth: 17
Intellegence: 17
Wisdom: 11
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 12
Charisma: 11

  1. Common
  2. elf
  3. gnoll
  4. hobgoblin
  5. orc
  • Intimidation
  • Snares
  • tracking
  • Mimicry
  • Recording spells

Plate mail and shield (Armor Class 2)

  • short bow +2
  • long sword +1/ +2 vs. trolls, wood creatures,
  1. Magic Missle, Light
Special items
  • Spellbook
Undead Death Count
*6 skeletons

Elygyn loves life. His favorite animal is a chameleon that can stay hidden and watch the world around him for hours without being noticed. His familiarity with local trees and wildlife can be a great help to friends looking for direction. He and Oaklyn have spent a lot of time together and have developed the special bond that you can expect from dogs and their owners. Rather than using his companion as a hunting dog, they seek out nature together and seem to understand the secrets that the woods hold. He hopes someday to find dyrads, and share in their dances.

When he is looking for a chance to unwind, Elegyn enjoys singing, dancing with other elves, and enjoying a steaming cup of Cacao brew. This special brew is a rare find in the Mydlands, but Elegyn seems to know where to find it. He enjoys learning from the elder elves of their traditions and history. His favorite story is of the great Oak Heart, an elf hero who led an army of elves to victory, riding on top of the ancient gold dragon Gancerine. The wit and power that Oak Heart and Gancerine showed set a great example for him. He has several journals; one for his personal and familial history, one for events of the areas he lives in, one for animals as he finds and observes them, and one for the sociological nature of citys he visits. Usually these journals are kept home and updated from personal notes when he returns from his adventures.

Elygyn is fascinated with magic and continues to search its secrets and effects. While he was growing up, he learned of many different magical effects and artifacts and desires to gain control of them. His dream is to rule a forest filled with life, and protect it from outsiders.

While he was growing up, he learned that there was a university that he could attend to learn about the power of magic and refine his skills in defending his home. It took some time to gain trust of humans after he had watched them cause so much destruction. He learned that there were good humans however, and that they would share their knowledge to advance his cause. With some encouragment, he decided to attend Narvesyn School. At times, he feels at odds with some of the teachings there and realizes that he is a bit of an outsider. But all in all, he feels it was a good decision and plans to continue his studies there until there is nothing else to learn. Class mates sometimes find him outspoken as he tirelessy asks questions in class. He has a favorite corner in the library that he can carry his research and continue for hours without being disturbed. He has enjoyed the adventures he has participated in, and looks forward to greater challenges and greater rewards. It is good that there are some at the school to remind him of his mortality because at times, he can be a little eccentric.

Elygyn prefers to stay hidden and study a situation before he gets involved. Usually his opponents find him present when he is good and ready for them to find him. He does not shy away from conflict when his friends are in danger however. He has found that the blade is more effective than magic at this time, but studies to increase both. His favorite two weopons are bow for quick and stealthy attacks, and his trusty sword to finish conflicts. Recently he was excited to find both with magical powers, and enjoys their added stregnth.


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