Cymantha Ferhety

Former adventurer and current Dean of the Symmon's Fighter Academy at Narvesyn School in Nevamyr


In her late 40’s, Cymantha’s experiences and adventuring have left their mark on her in the lines in her face, around her eyes, her hands, and her body which is that of a woman 20 years her junior. Tall, she stands only a few inches under 6 feet and weighs 135 pounds. Auburn hair and violet eyes suggest Wanderer blood in her veins.

Fighter 15

Str 12
Int 14
Wis 12
Dex 17
Con 12
Chr 17

AC 0 (Plate mail +2)
Hp: 82

Saving throws:
Death Ray/Poison 6
Magic Wands 6
Paralysis/Trn to Stn 7
Breath attack 8
Rod/staff/spell 9

Weapon Proficiency:
Expert: Sword Bastard (1 handed) Dmg: 1d6+5; vs. H or thrown 2AC/2; Deflect (1)
Master: Sword, Bastard (2 handed) Dmg: P= 1d10+8, S=1d8+7 *; vs. H or thrown -2AC/2; Deflect 2; Ranges: -
Expert: Short Sword Dmg: 1d6+4 *; vs. H or thrown -2AC/2; Deflect (2) + disarm (Save +2)


Cymantha was originally from the outlying farms of Tansun itself. Captivated early on by tales of the Heroes of Tansun as told to her by family and a local tribe of K’naii (The Blackfoot), she decided she too would campaign for humanity and the Mureaux kingdoms in the Mydlands as they struggled to reassert themselves in a still hostile world.

Despite her family’s misgivings, she became a road warden of the Grand Duchy of Tansun and was partnered with a very young Edryc Bleu in the beginning of his career. As they adventured together she made an enemy of a dark wizard who was using connections with the Hin crime syndicate Short to try and locate the fabled Tower of Kalphylon. Edryc called in a favor and helped Cymantha escape by joining the Windrider Vixens Show. When it was safe to return, Cymantha came home to the Mydlands a seasoned, if aging warrior ready to impart her skills on the younger generation of the Mureaux Kingdom. She applied to Narvesyn School’s Symmon’s Fighter Academy and worked her way diligently to the posting of Dean of the School.

Cymantha Ferhety

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