Bucatyn "Buck" Toemound

Caramel Bunyan's man (Halfing). The eys and ears of the trading post Caramel's Oath


Halfling 9/Merchant 8 (Magnate)

3’8", Graying wavy hair combed back, wears rings and jewelry and otherwise dresses conservatively.

Str 14
Int 17
Wis 13
Dex 11
Con 11
Chr 15

Skills: gambling; Persuasion; lawyer; appraisal; bargaining; brewing

Spells: Level 1: Detect Evil, Predict Weather, Trust, Count Coins; Level 2: Detect magic, Silver Tongue, Crowd summoning; Level 3: Detect Lie, smuggling; Level 4: Resist Magic


Bucatyn, or “Buck” as he insists people call him, runs the Wind Creek Tavern directly adjacent to Gypsum Sycamore’s Plumeria Estrella Hotel. With a very acute business mind, he is always on Guard for agents of Short or Feet and is very keen to protect Caramel’s Bunyan’s interests as well as his own personal fortunes. Abrasive and sometimes crude, he gives the appearence of a straightforward no nonsense Halfling, or a coiled snake depending on your perspective and dealings with him. Loves to gamble, has a hard time turning down any kind of dice game.

As with most Hin in The Mydlands, he has a weakness for Elves and often gives in to requests or demands from Sycamore, unless they would harm his profits. He has an arrangement with her and her special staff to work his bar and perform most nights for the guests.

Bucatyn "Buck" Toemound

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