Brother June Mahogany

A human Mystic, acts as physician, cleric and alchemist of Caramel's Oath


Human mystic 12

5’9"; older, remaining hair gray, slightly overweight. Dresses in simple hooded brown robes with a cape or cassock.

Str 14
Int 16
Wis 17
Dex 14
Con 12
Chr 12

AC -2; Mv 240’(80’)

Thief abilities: Find Traps; Remove Traps; Move Silently; Climb Walls; Hide in Shadows

Mystic Abilities: Alertness; Heal Self; Speak with animals; Resistance; Speak with anyone; Mind Block

Skills: Tracking(I); Science/Herbalism; Science/Kinesthesiology, Alchemy; Alternate magics; Bargainning.


June acts as the Outpost’s physician. His knowledge seems broad enough and his language skills enable him to assist Rusty at the stables as well. June gives the appearance of a well adjusted, happy monk that like his drink and is a veritable connoisseur of any and all foods, fine or otherwise.

In truth, he is among only 7 other people of his skill tier in the entire world of Chymyra. His unarmed fighting ability is nearly peerless and though he wears but lowly brown robes, he is nigh untouchable in combat.

Accepting that he is aging, he is anticipating a time when younger mystics and monks will come to test him, hoping to enter his tier of influence. The frontier life suits this eventuality, though he never addresses this to any of his contemporaries at the outpost.

He had heard through his own contacts that Caramel Bunyan needed personnel at his rebuilt outpost and offered his services as physician for a price that the business savvy Hin couldn’t refuse.

Brother June Mahogany

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