The Post-War Mydlands


...had to get away.

Finishing out their semester, the group led an uneventful couple of months at Narvesyn School. Gaelwynn, Elygyn and Allyn were treated to an Elf instructor that taught them spells they might not otherwise have learned.

Rabbye’s lycanthropy was an issue with the Deans and they privately struggled how to handle the young man’s condition. Rabbye’s relationship with Hawkyns took a turn for the worse. As a member of the Church, specifically the Cult of Aurora, Hawkyns especially had a hard time with his friend’s condition. As classes drew to a close, it was decided by the Deans of Narvesyn, Rabbye — and his group — should be sent away for a time. Morgan O’Malley was able to secure them passage on the Silver Lining, a ship bound for the islands south of the 6 Shires. She was very excited and regaled the group with tales of the pleasure islands and resorts and amenities they could look forward to on the islands.


BlueGnoll BlueGnoll

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