The Post-War Mydlands

The Spire

Up, Down, Up, Down

Morgan O’Malley Was very insistant the party leave the area after they slayed the minotaur Gar. Having acquired Makens Sword she made the case their mission was done and they were in more trouble than they’s ever been in. Cautious, the group agreed to move, asking what Morgan’s plan was. She said she knew of an Oracle in the area and that consulting her was the next best move for them. Cerena accompanied them.

Heading West, the group rested in a small wood, treating their wounds, memorizing their spells and getting themselves organized. After some discussion, Gaelwynn offered Cerena a gold piece to go and care for her pony at her father’s stables until they returned for it.

In the meantime, a storm rumbled their way from the direction they were heading as they set off. Backlit by lightning, before a range of low mountains, a rocky spire appeared before them just as the rain finally came down. Morgan confirmed this is where they were headed. The lightning also lit up flying shapes approching them from the East…

Rabbye went ahead through the waist high grasses to scout out the spire with his invisibility ring on. Finding the way clear, Rabbye returned and the group arranged themselves to climb the precarious ledge that wound its way up and around the high, rocky column. It was decided that Rabbye should take the lead with his invisibilty ring on. Morgan, Elegyn and Gaelwynn had lashed themselves together with a rope, not trusting the slippery looking incline… and with good reason. Ten feet off the ground, Rabbye in front and Allynn in back, both slipped and fell off the the path and into the grasses below. Neither was hurt, except maybe their pride. Climbing back up by hand, Rabbye came across a human skull embedded in the side of the spire.

Now taking all precautions, the entire group pooled their rope and tied off to one another. More than once, Strawberry had to plant his sturdy Dwarf body, using his strength to keep the others from tumbling.

Halfway up, Rabbye rounded the southern face of the spire again and came face-to-face with a giant bat. Invisible and surprised, he froze, leaving Morgan to round the curve and confront the creature. Turns out it was the black skinned, red eyed woman Content Not Found: vix, riding her vampiric mount. She screamed at the group! Her voice travelling shockingly clear in the downpour and they braced themselves as best they could for combat. Instead of engaging them however, Vix flew up and away from them. Mud started coming loose from the spire above them, running down in the rain and washing over the narrow inclined path and their boots. Within the mud were human bones that started collecting on the paths, assembling themselves using the ebb and flow of the mud until the party found several skeletons in their midst!

Rabbye got in a fast back stab to the skeleton menacing Morgan, Elegyn ad Allyn focused bow & magical attacks on the skeletons srambling down from above but the decisive blow came from Hawkyns, tearing out his holy symbol and performing such a powerful turn that all the skeletons around them and up the face of the cliff detonated, raining down bits of mud and bone on the party.

Now in clear, they continued their climb until thy heard a call; a rope suddenly dropped down directly in front of them. Looking up, they spied a small square of light roughly a hundred feet above them; a trap door in the floor of the structure perched atop the spire. After a quick discussion, they decided a quick climb would leave them less vulnerable than slogging up the spire’s path. Rabbye was sent ahead to scout.

With the deftness of his trade, he climbed the rope, reaching the top and entered the house. Immediately inside were two girls in their late teens, richly dressed amidst extreme luxury. The place was richly adorned in tapestries, jewelry, plush pillows and exotic furs, and the girls’ heads were largely empty. They giggled and pointed and preened, but had little else to say to Rabbye. Annoyed with their lack of sense, Rabbye called the rest of the group up. After some time, they were all within the structure, trying to look around and keep the heavy incense in the air from making them drowzy. Oaklyn remained below, taking the long way up with path.

A smarmy bald man of indeterminate age in a black toga came forward from the cloying, incensed air and announced he was “The Voice of the oracle”. He insisted he knew what the party carried and that they should surrender the sword as payment for speaking to the oracle. In an inspired move, Gaelwyn surrendered her own sword to the man, hoping to protect Makens Sword concealed in her bag of holding. The Voice uttered a spell. Allyn and the Elves recognized as a detect magic spell. Seemingly satisfied, he led them deeper into the structure into a dark chamber lit by small hanging braziers. Bowing low when he reached the rear of the room, he presented the sword to a dark figure standing in the shadows.

Sneering, Vix stepped into the smokey amber light of the braziers, grabbed the sword by the hilt and chopped off the Voice’s head. Stunned, the group recovered quickly, charging the obsidian skinned woman.

Vix gained an early advantage, launching her spear, striking a devasting blow to Gaelwyn, knocking the slim elf right over. With a gesture, Vix called the spar back to her, even as Rabbye and Elegyn attacked her. Hawkyns stabilized Gaelwyn and he and Allyn attempted to blind Vix with light spells. Each time she was able to dipell their magic before suffering any major consequences. Furious, Strawberr muscle his way to the fore and open hand slapped Vix, stopping her from casting a spell and generally shocking her.

Enraged, Vix started to hurt the party in earnest. Suddenly, the roof above her tore away and a jade statue carved in the visage of a 7 foot hoplite dropped into the room, attacking her. A small bald man looked down from above yelling the party not to kill Vix. Several of them demanded “why?”. The man identfied himself as Xantiphon and insisted Vix not be killed so that she could stand trial for her crimes against the empire.

The party changed their tactics tryng to knock Vix out. Vix fought all the harder but started getting sloppy, looking more to escape. Xantiphon’s jade statue got a firm lock on her shoulders and took Vix down where the companions were able to beat her unconscious. The coal black appearence of her skin faded and she seemed to diminish in size somewhat, suddenly blond, not brunette. Elygyn, Rabbye and Morgan hogtied, gagged and blindfolded the psychotic woman before her power or consciouness returned. Gaelwyn recovered her sword. Xantiphon allowed them to pick over Vix’s items, but in the end, nothing really was worth taking for them.

Xantiphon took them further down into the spire — where he lived and worked, as it was his wizard’s tower. He explained to them that they did not belong in the time they found themselves in and though, from their stories it seemed to him that Vix herself brought them to the past, he could only guess why. He confirmed he was aware of what they found in Gar’s temple and insisted on sending them, home after they recovered the oriacle who was still missing. Going to research, he left the group to move about his house freely.

Within an hour, the tower was attacked by bands of shadow elves. Seperated, the party fought them off back to strange holes in the walls that opened impossibly into caverns. When the holes closed, the remaining trapped shadow elves killed each other rather than be captured. As Xantiphon came late to the fight, he rushed in yelling that Vix was gone!


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