The Post-War Mydlands

The Hidden

Buried in secrets, drowning in intrigue


Once again, the group: Allynn, Gaelwyn, J. Hawkyns and Strawberry were summoned by an aide to Cymantha Ferhety to attend her immediately. They were also told to pack their things for an extended journey. Elygyn was conspicuously absent from this grouping, but there was little time to look for him and a real sense of urgency in the summons.

They were directed to the joint faculty building and rushed into a large meeting room. Inside, they acquired a nagging sense of being in-over-their-heads. There was Cymantha Ferhety and the deans of the other colleges on the grounds Dean Thyamyn Malt and Brother Abbot Lawsyn Chanel standing with four, slight, cloaked and hooded figures that were virtually identical. Other groups of students — far more advanced in their studies than the group — were present as well, similarly packed for long journeys. Also, in the room were two seasoned warriors and two mages that made the most experienced of the students look fresh out of diapers. The four of them were paired with one of the hooded figures, and as they were, assigned a group of students. (The group got their first look at a warrior of the Atruaghin Clans, though they didn’t know it.)

At last, it was the group’s turn. They were somewhat put off by Cymantha Feherty who was uncharacteristically distant towards them, as if three months of doing her biddings hadn’t happened. Her aide addressed them, introducing them to Edryc Bleu, a road warden from the The Grand Duchy of Tansun, who would be helping them in their escort duty. Never once did he address or give any indication he knew the cloaked figure was there, standing very close to Edryc. They were told that the student conspirator they captured, Dembenek had given them enough information to determine there would be an assasination or kidnapping attempt on the Ambassador to Univerde. Four groups were being sent out in four different, yet logical directions, only one of which was the real ambassador’s party, to four destinations, each of which had the means to protect the ambassador once arrived. They were to head Southeast to a ranch built on land between the border of the Shires and make the journey in 5 days. They were supplied with a coach and horses and sent immediately.

Day One: The group is attacked while passing through marshy lands close to the shore of [[Lake Blue Silk.]] The giant worm like monster kills Rabbye’s horse outright and is put down by a group effort. Edry Bleu is disturbed by the creature and shares his misgivings quietly with the coach’s occupant. Rabbye wound up on the coach with Gaelwyn driving.

Day Two: Keeping the Lake to their right, the group began veering more northward on the road to take up their south eastern course. As the elevation increased and small cliffs now stood between the lake and the road, they noticed a set of boots and some glistening armor resting by a lonely tree on an overhang. Stopping to investigate, the discovered, the glistening was blood on the boots and the chest piece had massive punctures through it. The tree itself attacked them and they beat it back until it literally collapsed down the clif into a patch of writhing grasses and long, whipping weeds. The air was foul with the suspicions of dark magics at work. Before getting back on the road, Edryc burned the remains and grasses.

Day three: Some distance off the road, between the southern borders of the Central Forests and the Lake, the party heard screams. Just echoes at first, then mixed in with agressive, ominous growling. Edryc consulted with the coach’s occupant and directed the group to follow him to the distant building. When they arrived, the group was stunned to see huge wolfmen attacking what looked like a small commune of people at a well-to-do coaching inn. Edryc Bleu immediately jumped off his horse and beheaded a person running at him screaming for help. Shoulder to shoulder with the two wolfmen, he ran into the gate and courtyard of the Inn. Paralyzed with terror, the party milled nervously around, exchanging glances and half coherent wonderings until the coach’s occupant leaned out and informed them that the wolfmen were in fact friendly K’Naii destroying a coven of werewolves! One attacked Gaelwynn where she and Rabbye sat on the coach before a silver axe from a K’naii ended it’s life.
The K’naii led the reivigorated group into the coaching inn which was on fire now, following a scent. It led them to a room where they battered down the door and discovered a woman in once rich leather clothes and poet shirt that was tied up and much worse for wear. It was Morgan O’Malley. They rescued her and took her outside to the coach.

To be continued!


DM’s Bibliography

This adventure was entirely homemade with the exception of the layout of the coaching inn taken from page 329 of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Game, GamesWorkshop ©1986



I wonder what treasures we would find if we searched the werewolf ruins. Also, are there any other lycanthropes in the area? The plan must have worked for stealth, because the only encounters we had were random. Well played by the characters.

The Hidden
BlueGnoll BlueGnoll

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