The Post-War Mydlands

The Dream

As the semester draws to a close their subconscious is opened

This post was posted to each of the characters who all share in the same dream. it is written as the DM describing the dream to them directly:


It’s night in the Mydlands. Late spring rains drum outside on the roof, muffled by the windows and shutters of your room. The drumming becomes regular…

…someone is playing a drum! But the sound does NOT wake you up. Instead it’s rhythm melds itself to a second drum, becoming a steady heartbeat
The cool damp abruptly vanishes, swept away by a dusty dryness you are not accustomed to. A bright orange spark, presumably ignited at the back of your head, flashes in front of your eyes and an incredibly wizened old man with leathery skin, in faded cotton clothes, squints at you through the crackling flames of a popping, fragrant fire. The wind changes on the breath of a bear that moans, disturbed from it’s reverie, filling your vision with smoke as images and impressions flash before you, fading into the darkness of your room and the staccato rain outside.



BlueGnoll BlueGnoll

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