The Post-War Mydlands

Swamp Run

The quickest way to fix something is break it


The party had been living the past few days on Syruss Shortroots‘s estate. The grounds were still open to them, but the seemingly free access they had to the manor’s interior became severely limited however. Guards were placed on the corridor where it was discovered Chowder Roughsole‘s room had become a portal to a swampland of unknown origin or locale. What they did know for sure was that three of Syruss’ guards had lost their lives, trying to contain whatever it was beyond that former bedroom door.

On the 7th day, Syruss summoned the group to the main hall of the manor. They were in timne to see a team of rough looking, very well equipped Dwarfs march into the main hall and present themselves to Syruss. Their leader was introduced to them as Blokk Ironheed. Amiably, (and probably intoxicated), the Dwarf acknowledged the youngsters and began explaining what Syruss had in mind for them. Syruss interupted with a severe look at Blokk. After a moment’s pause, Blokk jerked his head back slightly and the group noticed a glowing green lense that had covered his right eye slipped back into his helmet with a small whirring noise and a click. Syruss went onto explain the Dwarfs were master “miners” who were going to open and root out the sudden tunnel system below his estate. He next presented his findings regarding Chowder’s guest room.

Syruss explained that through much magical effort on his part and with some helpful advice from his imprisoned wife Selphyna Vengencya Shortroots, he discovered the portal to the swamp was being maintained by a magical pool somewhere within the swamps murky depths. The destruction of that pool shoul close the portal for good. Turning things over to Blokk then, the Dwarf quickly interviewed Allynn Elygyn, Gaelwyn, J. Hawkyns, Rabbye and Strawberry on who was the strongest among them. To punctuate his query, he had one of his band hand over a cobolt blue ball as large as his torso. After some amusing back and forth in the group, Blokk smiled and jammed the entire thing into a sack which he presented to Gaelwynn, who, though lean, was strong for an elf. The sack turned out to be a bag-of-holding which Blokk generously let her keep. He also presented J Hawkyns and Rabbye with Elven boots. Strawberry refused anything from Blokk — apparently tension existed there.

Elygyn wisely asked if they traveled deep into the swamp and destroyed the magic holding the portal open, how were they going to get back. Syruss assured them he would be able to extract them and get them back to the manor. Convinced, the party was escorted up to the hallway and to Chowder’s guest room door.

The door opened again to a twilight lit, foggy swamp and its heavy dank air made a sickly miasma in the dry air corridor of Syruss’ manor. Venturing in, they found themselves on a sort of land bridge with evil, flat black water on woither side of them disappearing into the odorous mists. The land bridge was made of gravel and mud and the sloping sides something large had clambered from the water and displaced some of the mud. That and muddy splatters on the door behind them explained what happened to the three of Syruss’ men over the cours of a week. Syruss closed the door behind them and the white, mud caked door stood incongrously in the center of the path with no frame to hold it up.

Swamp fog

As the door shut they heard a roar that might be distant, might be receding, might be any number of things impossible to determine in the thick atmosphere. Moving forward, the swampland stayed consistant, with the conical land bridges stretching maze like above the black water. Strawberry and Rabbye had a real bad feeling about a row of rocks they came upon in the water to their right, so they snuck by as a group. As luck would have it, Gaelwyn mistepped on a twig that snapped loudly. Almost immediately a slime tongue erupted from the water, locking onto the elf’s waist and jerking her from the path. Ready, Strawberry and And Rabbye ran down the slope into the water to compbat the giant toad, Hawkyns and Allyn slung stones at the creature and Gaelwynn manuevered her sword around but to little effect. Elygyn leapt down and grabbed hold of Gaelwynn whose but and torso were in the frog’s mouth while Starwberry and Rabbye hacked it to death. Allyn and Hawkyn’s pulled them back ashore while Oaklyn ran back and forth, whimpering and barking. Hawkyns yelled a warning and as he did, the second toad which gave the appearnece of disappearing under the water, was actually springing for a mighty leap. It cleared the water with a tremendous spalsh and landed on the path. This one was easier to kill then the first.

Other sounds assailed their ears as they plunged onward, more roaring and growling and frightened sobbing. Some of the party wanted to investigate but Gaelwynn kept them focused, reminding them of the bomb she was carrying in the sac-of-holding. The came upon another door in the center of the raised path and decided to check it out. It opened to a stone room slime covered, with a bloody altar against a wall. Rabbye recognized this as the small cult temple they found in the lower levels of the The Black Knight’s keep almost a year ago. They hurriedly shut the door and moved on.

The sobbing grew louder suddenly and they happened on a group of six people — 2 shadow elves, 2 elves and 2 elderly human who were comforting the weeping fair folk. They said they had been sacrificed to the “Neth-hakkar” to sate its hunger and keep it from the village and doors

It wasn’t long before things got deathly quiet and two figures approached out of the gloom, on a man the other a lizard man dressed in much feathery and fleshy finery, warning them to be quiet. The man was none other than the Black Night Agryl who recognized some of the party. Cursing them, he warned them to go away and be as quiet as they could, lest “the village be discovered”. Not knowing what he was talking about, they moved to challenge him when the swamp water erupted in a massive foamy torrent. The “Neth- Hakkar” had found them all. Standing 8 feet tall, it looked like a hyper muscular man covered in green diamond shapped scales with a monstrous Alligator head that could snapp any on of them in half in its monstrous jaws.

Starwberry moved in to fight it after Allyn cast magic missle at the creature. After a failed cast of light at the creature, Hawkyns and Oaklyn took the 6 would-be victims and ran in the other direction. Gaelwynn and Elygyn used their bows to try an pierce the monster’s hide. Lizard men suddenly showed up and the monster went crazy, launching itself at the new arrivals, giving the party time to escape.

The shadow elves were suddenly very distrustful of the party and wanted nothing more to do with them, despite the old couple’s pleadings and Elygyn and Gaelwynn’s reasoning. The old couple agreed to lead them all to the fresh water pool the saw up on the path to the west as the Shadow Elves went their own way. They’re piercing wet screams came from the fog not long after.

Finding the magical pool, the pary hatched a plan to lure the monster to the pool as the very short fuse set off the bomb, taking it and the portal with the explosion hopefully. As they set up and got their timing down, the monsyter showed up behind them, crashing on the land bridge from the water. They set off the bomb and ran like hell, the ensuing explosion was enormous and oddly blue. A door openeded before them leading to Syruss’ manor, and they all fell over each other, safe on the other side. The portal was closed.

DM’s Bibliography:

This adventure was primarily homemade by the DM, with the map of the swamp taken directly from the Dungeons & Dragons Warriors of the Eternal Sun Sega Genesis Hint Book page 27.


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