The Post-War Mydlands

Assault on Raven's Ruin

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Things had been relatively normal for quite some time for the group, when out of the blue they received a summons to Cymantha Ferhety’s office. Guardedly, she told them that word had been sent to the school from one of the local barons, Agryl the self appointed “Black Knight”, that named all of them specifically. While there was nothing outwardly sinister about the arrival or content of the message, Cymantha and the party were all on edge to have received it.

Rabbye, Gaelwyn, Elygyn, J. Hawkins, Allynn and Strawberry set out for the Black Knight’s barony that they had visited so dramatically only a year and a half previously. (It was during the journey that Strawberry got himself so drunk, he was entirely incoherent.) Much to their dismay, they were well received and ushered into a keep they remembered all-too-well, prepared for the worst.

Agryl met them at his throne, informing them that trouble was brewing in one of his outlying lands. He quickly turned the meeting over to a lively young woman who introduced herself as Theresan Plank, scribe to the traveling Judge whom she simply refers to as the magistrate. She went on to explain that Goblins — a race that had been persecuted to near extinction in the Mydlands — had been mounting ever braver raids on farms and towns in the area. They even went so far as to steal the Judge’s Scepter of Truth when he stopped at the village of Kleine. Theresan carelessly offers the group 50gp a piece for the return of the sceptre, but the group was in no mood to negotiate accepting the offer. Agryl dismissed the magistrate and Theresan, speaking to the group privately.

When things started getting bad near Kleine, Agryl had sent word to his friend Raven, a “collector” who had used goblin laborers to construct his keep, but was informed his friend could not be found and the keep lousy with goblins. He urges the group to head directly to Raven’s Keep and find out what happened to his associate, and recover the scepter for the magistrate.

The group was supplied with a wagon and a pair of horses, and followed the directions they were given to find Raven’s lair. While they were traveling along the road, they came to a spot in the forest where the horses started becoming nervous and J. Hawkyns danger sense told the group something was about to happen. Gaelwyn had been helping to drive the horses with Rabbye but decided to jump to the roof of the wagon to get a better view of their surroundings. Elygyn chose to climb up a nearby tree for a better vantage point, and sent Oaklyn under the wagon. Allynn and J. Hawkyns stayed in the wagon and prepared their weapons for the upcoming assault they knew was coming. J. Hawkyns cast bless, which benefited our party greatly! Soon after, arrows flew threw the air. One of them struck Gaelwyn, but the others harmlessly struck either the wagon or flew away from their targets. Gaelwyn and Elygyn both saw a goblin shooting arrows at them and Elygyn quickly neutralized him with an arrow that blew up his head. The other targets could not be seen yet however, but Oaklyn quickly found another one. Two goblins tried to attack the horses leading the wagons, One was quickly killed by a hammer from J. Hawkyns and a slash from Rabbye. The other goblin injured the horse slightly, and Gaelwyn quickly sprang to the horses back to rescue it and calm it. Allynn and Elygynneutralized another goblin. The next round, even though four of the goblins were now dead, the other two decided to continue their attack. One came close to Elygyn but was slain by his arrow before he could make an attack. The final remaining goblin was tackeled by Rabbye and held hostage for questioning.
The remaining goblin indicated that his group knew our party was on a mission to rescue something, and that his leader’s name was Nalec. Our party couldn’t get much more useful information out of him, but decided to keep him tied up with them in case he could be of any use later.
When our party arrived at the destination, they couldn’t find the lair immediately. It appeared like there was some construction that had been preformed locally recently. Rabbye and Elygyn decided to explore up the side of the hill a little ways, and found a stairwell that went right into the side of the hill. The party decided to investigate and took their hostage with them. J. Hawkyns wisely remembered that Raven was a thief and there would likely be traps in his lair, so he commanded find traps to help our adventurers. In the first room, they found a sign that said “Do not enter” and after studying the door and finding no traps, but sensing some danger on the other side, wisely chose to stick to their mission.
As the party went down another flight of stairs, the found a small alcove near the stairs, with several bags. Elygyn stood onRabbye‘s shoulders to investigate, and suddenly , four goblins appeared out of the bags and started shooting arrows! Elygyn took a direct hit in the face. The hostage tried to escape but was slain. Elygyn and Rabbye attacked immediately, and Rabbye slew one of the goblins. Gaelwyn started throwing stars and killed another. They did a little damage to our party before they were subdued.
Our party continued further and found a door. They heard some sounds and they were a little sure their were monsters on the other side that may cause them some grief in the future, so they decided to spike the door. The occupants inside the room were not pleased!
As they continued, the decided to investigate a room with a door partly ajar. One door glowed to J. Hawkyns indicating that it was probably trapped. Elygyn poked his head in far enough to learn something was in there. The party decided to set up an ambush of their own around the doorway. Elygyn stuck his head in again to taunt the occupants, and was met with 2 wolves! The first was killed almost immediately when it went in the doorway. The second injured Gaelwyn but was likewise quickly subdued. There were two others in the room which escaped the conflict through a nearby doorway to another room. This room had two entrances, Elygyn, Allynn, and J. Hawkyns tried to storm in through one door and Gaelwyn and Rabbye from the other. The two goblins were hiding inside an old kitchen that had been taken over by lots and lots of rats. Our party was able to come in and destroy the two without much trouble.
After leaving the kitchen, they chose to investigate another room with a glowing door. They wanted to be cautious, so they opened the door and threw one of the dead wolves inside. They noticed that the floor was bowing in a little. Elygyn strapped a rope around his waist and walked into the room. As he walked in, he realized the floor was sinking. He was pulled out of the room, and another wolf was thrown in. The second wolf’s weight caused the floor to collapse and the wolves fell into a pit, where they were eaten. Our party wisely chose to close the door to that room and not return.
Our party chose to investigate a hallway, and found a small prison. Inside one cell was a pair of skeletons. Elygyn couldn’t help himself and his hatred for the undead, and went in to investigate. As the skeletons attacked, J. Hawkyns helped by turning the undead, and Rabbye helped by slaying one of the skeletons. Elygyn destroyed the other one. Rabbye found a woman in a blue dress laying in one of the cells. When J. Hawkyns went to investigate he was attacked by a blade in the floor, and discovered the woman was nothing but a straw filled dress. Gaelwyn found a kobold locked up in the third cell. Rabbye knew how to speak kobold and paid the poor creature a gold piece to show where Nalkin was in this lair. He took our party up a few hallways, told us where the hideout was, and left. A short time later, our party heard the unfortunate creatures death as he tried to leave the lair. Our party went back to investigate and found a hobgoblin in an invisibility cloak. Apparently, he had been following the party all the way from the beginning and they never knew he was there because he had an invisibility cloak and elven boots. This time he had a small patrol of goblins behind him. Allynn cast a web spell and soon all the monsters were tangled up in webs. Gaelwyndemanded some answers from these monsters and were told a lot of what they already knew. Disgusted at their evil, she left them and walked away. Angry at them killing the kobold, Rabbye and Elygyn attacked and killed them with fire.

DM’s Bibliography: While adapted to fit the setting of the Post War Mydlands, this adventure was taken from the Official Game Adventure module: Assault on Raven’s Ruin by Tim Beach, 1992 TSR Inc.


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