The Post-War Mydlands

Gotta Get Back-In-Time

The party spent time in the village they liberated from the magical dancing pipes, stocking up their raations, getting their armor repaired and shopping in general. As they did, despite the general goodwill of the populace towards them, they still collectively felt more and more they were out of their element. Gaelwynn and Elygyn’s abortative attempt to “purchase” elven slaves to subsequently free them drove that home even more. There was a common desire to return home, especially now thaty they had recovered Maken’s Sword.

Aware of their plight, Xanthipon worked on their problem and came up with a solution. Through much scrying and magical means, he determined where the Shadow Elves’ primary portal was, though he expressed doubt that it was of thier making. Giving them an unusual device, he instructed them to set it outside the main portal the Shadow Elves. Not only would it send them back to their own time, it would detonate, ruining the portl/tunnel system the Shadow Elves have been using to enact their schemes. He also secured them a rough map of the area he was teleporting them to. Saying their goodbyes, the party was sent on their way…

Appearing in a rather cramped chamber, they wasted no time getting their bearings. Before them was a doorway gildedin gold, and seperated from the next room by gossamer spiderweb like curtains. Beyond, they observed a diminutive, muscular she elf in a golden tub with blck skin and blue white hair. Fist sized spiders crawledin and outof the tub. She wasn’t a Shadow Elf… As they searched for another way out, to shadow elf servant girls entered opposit their hiding area and tended to bathing elf whom they determined to be a priestess of some kind. To his horror, Strawberry found out the hard way, the fist sized spiders were also in the anteroom’s privy…

Seeing guards outside the doors when the servants entered, disorientated from theirtransport, with amysterious map and nothing elseto go on, the party debeated whether or not to grab the priestess and use her to guide them to the portal. The priestess left before they could act, so they moved against the servant girls. Their attempts to capture them failed and they attracted a couple of guards. Gaelwynn also made the terrifying discovery of a giant spider living on the ceiling after becoming trapped in its web. After winning the fight that ensued, they compelled the shadow elf servants to help them. Rabbye And Morgan uncovered a secret door and they all crammed into the small, secret passage within.

Rabbye had been struggling all night and finally lost his battle with his recently acquired disease… droppingto all fours, he promptly changed into a giant fox. The elves and shadow elf servant girls reacted strongly to this, but Morgan & Allyn prevailed and kept them from harming Rabbye.

Even as a new were-creture, Rabbye seemed to appreciate their dire circumstances and behaved, as did Elygyn’s dog Oaklynn. They emerged from the secret passage into a giant, pillared temple that finally resembled the map they couldn’t make sense of. To theirhorror, they saw Vyx — now revealed to be one of those black skinned elves — leading a ritual of some kind, surrounded by more of the black skinned elves, shadow elves and creatures that had to be goblins. To their right, a bright, greenish blue light emenated from beyond. Careful as they could, the party crept over to the doorway until Vyx spotted them. Panicked, they hurled themselves up the stairs while Strawberry and Allyn held the rear. A well placed fireball from Allyn’s wand was enough to cover their escape to the portal…

A monstrous evil shadow of aspirey monster was back lit from the portal’slight, scaring them out of their minds and stopping them in their tracks. Rbbye & Morgan andOaklynn dashed through the portal and the others realized, whatever thisthingwas, it hadn’t come through yet! Last through, Elygyn threw down the device from Xanthipon. They all were aware of an explosion and the anger of the monster as they slipped past/above/around it…


Lying face down, in the road, under a light rain, the party found themselves surrounded by several horeback riders. Cymantha Ferhety approached them and welcomed them home.

DM’s Bibliography: Primarily made up by the DM, this adventure draws material from:
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition/Forgotten Realms: The Drow Of The Underdark by Ed Greenwood 1991 TSR, Inc; And Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun Sega Genesis Hint Book, 1992 TSR, Inc. 1992 SEGA



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