The Post-War Mydlands

Extracurricular Headache

Next time, let's go to market instead

In the far outlying areas of Nevamyr, old people were disappearing at night. Sir Tristan, a very promising, late year student at the Symmon’s Fighter Academy gets an invitation to a tournement at the Black Knights estate. Confident in his abilites, but nervous about his master Cymantha Ferhety’s cryptic insistence he attend, Sir Tristan invites some of his friends from the school along: Allynn Strawberry & Rabbye. Feherty approves the move and instructs them to investigate what they can while Sir Tristan participates in the tournement.

Posing as squires to Tristan, the three uncover a cult at work in the keep and discover Agryl is actually the real Black Knight’s son. His father passed away and left him nothing material but the castle grounds and keep, so Agryl’s allied himself with the cult for power. The group rescued an old woman, Gerty and a young woman, Adryanna, who turns out to be a potential student at Narvesyn. Gerty reveals the Tournement came about because of her and other elderly prisoners’ memories of the previous Black Knight and how he went about making allies after he turned from Nevmyr and the Duchy of Tansun. The group leaves the grounds under the protection of 4 other knights attending the tournement after breaking up the cult activity and accidentally killing a young knight who sought to be an Avenger and Agryl’s old butler. The Black Knight allows them to leave, but swears revenge on them and the school.

DM’s Bibliography

This adventure was primarily drawn from the following module with minor modification to fit the Chymyra, Mydlands setting:

Terra, John. “Sword and Shield” Dungeons & Dragons entry level module for levels 1-3 TSR ©1992


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