The Post-War Mydlands

Dark Elves and storms

Stormy Johnny meets his match


Cymantha Ferhety called the party to her office along with a friend of theirs Gaelwyn. She spoke in clipped, hushed tones about how magic items were disappearing from Narvesyn School and encouraged the party to keep their eyes and ears open. Between Stormy Johnny, their discoveries at the abandoned fighter academy and the missing magic paraphrenalia, something sinister was going on.

Blossoming excitement in town made its way to Cymantha’s open window. Observing what she could, she became aware there was a growing mob outside and sent the group to find the cause.

They were surprised to find a stopped cart in the middle of the road, drawn by a centaur in really sad shape. After learning from an elf bystander, Dembenek that the appalled people had stopped the coach driver, Gaelwyn jumped forward and began hacking at the ropes binding the miserable centaur. The driver revealed himself as Stormy Johnny by the orange skin and wanton cruelty. He attacked by the remainder of the party. Johnny was not happy about the centaur being freed, but then he had 5 other adventurers grabbing and attacking and had his hands full. The observing elf began acting supiciously in his complacency of the events unfolding, but everything was happening so fast! Bystanders were astounded at what was happening before their very eyes! After a minute of stumbling and slipping by everyone, eventually the driver was dragged from the cart, but not before Elegyn was magicked into becoming his bodyguard, seconds after attacking him. The crowd could barely contain themselves, but luckily Strawberry and Elygynwere able to convince them of the cruelty of this criminal and the city guards were summoned. The accomplice was found hiding under a blanket further back in the wagon. As Elegyn stripped searched Johnny, the accomplice and the suspicious elf tried to ride off with the wagon and the centaur. The hurricane lamp was opened and everyone was thrown! Johnny and his accomplice were knocked from the wagon and ran a new direction as the wagon went screaming West. The city guards followed the traiters unsuccessfully while the party took their prisoner to the academy where it was discovered, he isn’t Johnny at all! It was a student that was magicked to look like Johnny! This student had access to lots of magical items that the school had been missing! He was in sad shape physically now, but wait until he was cured from the hospital!


The heroes were given horses and some equipment to search out this new villain. They arrived at a building where the villain stood on top. He taunted the students and called for his arachnid friends to attack our heroes while cowardly retreating into his hole in the ground. The spiders were not much competition for the party. While they were fighting these beasts, a giant spider destroyed our heroe’s transportation, but they continued their quest with little other injury. As they traveled further down the hole, they discovered tons of stolen magic from the academy that were to be used against them. This emboldened our party as they realized they had solved Cymantha Ferhety‘s riddle. As they ventured further, they battled more spiders and heard voices further yet down the tunnel. They found a drow elf that pulled a whiney and ineffective accomplice through a portal and Stormy Johnny stood alone to destroy our heroes with every magical device he had. With one fierce look and some commanding words, Elegyn destroyed Johnny’s morale as Johnny proclaimed himself to the party. A wicked fire ball left Johnny’s wand and then the party was on top of him. Once again he attempted a successful escape through a secret passage that left the tunnels. Even Oaklyn was successfully eluded! The party discovered the magical equipment was enough to arm an army and put some stregnth into the evil of the world!

Our heroes reported their finds to Cymantha Ferhetyand were justly rewarded for their heroism. Allynn was given Johnny’s fire wand and several magical weapons were awarded.

The adventurers survived another session, avoiding being made a meal out of by some hungry spiders the size of large dogs. Seeking to uncover who was stealing magical tools and items from Narvesyn school the discovered a web on intrigue involving a treacherous Elf student, a mysterious halfling, a local bandit chief and self proclaimed wizard “stormy Johnny” and a beautiful but elusive Shadow Elf.


DM’s Bibliography

This adventure was primiarily “homemade”, but also drew from the following printed material:

1)Richards, Jonathan M. "Side Treks: Centaur of Attention Dungeon July/August 1996 Issue #60 Volume X, 60-61



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