The Post-War Mydlands

Dangerous Homework

Fire fire everywhere


The group, Allynn, Elygyn, J. Hawkyns, Rabbye, and Strawberry had been studying at Narvesyn Schoolto help fulfill their own personal ambitions, and to find adventure. Master Cymantha Ferhetyassigned them to go and meet with a courier Morgan O’Malley, to retrieve two backpacks with content important to the school.

They began their adventures at a rest stop off the road with a curiously empty circle of land in front of it. As it got dark, Rabbye and Elygyn with Oaklyn decided to explore the area and J. Hawkyns decided to turn on the lamps for more light. Apparently, one of those lamps had a little more to it than giving light. As soon as its shutters were opened, hurricane force winds suddenly burst from the confines of the lamp, battering the group mercilessly.

While they were recovering, a group of thieves decided to take advantage of the situation by looting the group. They were sorely mistaken as to their victims’ weakness. Strawberry lead the group with amazing and deadly precision as the group claimed swift victory over the would be thieves. Allynn showed that his strength of magic was not the only power that enemies would have to contend with. He showed he was very good at cracking thieves over the head with his staff, and they usually didn’t wake up. One of the thieves was semi conscious, but when questioned, would only repeat the words “Stormy Johnny” over and over, like a plea. When the group members asked who Stormy Johnny was, he revealed himself as if by magic, announced himself and another fight ensued.

Realizing that they were outclassed, the surviving thieves retreated and a line of backup forces fired missles at the group from the cover of the trees around the waystation. Elygyn and Rabbye followed Stormy Johnny who bolted, for a while, but retreated when the missle fire became more and more accurate. They quickly learned that a group is much stronger than individuals.

When the arrows ceased and the rest of the thieves fled the area, the group set out to after Stormy Johnny. They found him some distance away, presumably dead, but didn’t find many valuables on his person. Soon they found the missing coach and a backpack, but there was no woman or bodies. Tracks led to the Doom Swamps nearby, and ruins could be seen through the miasma hanging there. As a group, they ventured inside to find what fate awaited them.

As they searched the lair, they made quick work of a pile of bones, err… skeletons that got in the way. J. Hawkyns showed that clerics can deal with the undead in powerful and effective ways as he commanded them to turn, and most retreated harmlessly. They found a lair of rats, and a fighter’s training workout room. In their haste, they almost lost one character to mold poiosoning and they learned about the backdraft phenomenon. They opened a room with a displacer beast that was being tormented by ghouls trying to paralyze it. They were able to destroy the tormentors and safely free the displacer beast into the wild. While going upstairs they learned to always be aware of your surroundings, and that floating suits of armor and wet floors equal trouble! Upstairs discovered the second backpack. They also discovered a trio of wights guarding it, and were clever to escape with some injuries. During their exit, they were surprised to find that the fire they left in the rat lair had begun to burn up the dungeon, and learned that they would have to leave the dungeon for another day.

As they finally left the dungeon, they found Stormy Johnny alive and ticked, waiting for them with a score of thugs. He was very angry after he saw what the group had done to his hideout, and demanded them to drop all weopons and surrender. Several heroes attempted to bluff their way out but were unsuccessful. Finally, as they began to surrender their weopns, Strawberry, with his strong will decided it was not his day to surrender. As he laid down his weapons, he pulled out the hurricane lamp and showed Stormy and his crew that this weapon could work both ways. Realizing what was about to happen, Stormy Johnny screamed a warning but too late, Strawberry whipped open the lamp doors and Johnny and his gang were caught up in the howling winds.

After the adventure was finished our heroes returned to Narvesyn Schooland reported their findings to Cymantha Ferhety. Cymantha was very disturbed by the revelation of so many undead at the old, abandoned fighter’s academy. As knowledge was exchanged, our heroes learned that they had just skimmed the top of a plot that was begining to unfold, and they were going to be in the middle of it!


DM’s Bibliography

This adventure was a marriage and adaptation of the following printed materials:

1) Varney, Allen. “Side Treks: Manden’s Meathooks” Dungeon March/April 1991 Issue #28, 20-21,69

2) “The Fighter’s Academy” Dungeons & Dragons: The Haunted Tower Adventure Pack TSR ©1992



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